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Master Class III - Session #1 thru #8 Recordings "Dharma Dances"

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"Dharma Dances" In his third Master Class Series, Lama Surya expands the view by diving deeper into our practice. Join one of the most highly respected meditation masters in the West for his third Master Class course and experience a deeper exploration of your contemplative practice. This 8 session journey is focused on strengthening your meditation practice and furthering self-knowledge and wise discernment. Format: This third Master Class course consists of 8 individual, 2-hour classes. Each class has an introduction, guided meditation, teaching, questions and answers, and concluding remarks. *A full description of each session will be included with the recording links. Session #1 - Nothing’s Wrong – The Radical Joy Cry of the Natural Great Perfection Session #2 - What Is BuddhaNature? Session #3 - Remaining Balanced in a Topsy-Turvey World: Equanimity (upeksha) & Empathic Joy (mudita) Session #4 - Opening the Third Ear - Five Obscurations and Transcendental Wisdom Session #5 - Devotion and Wisdom – Bhakti and Jnana: Two Paths To and Through the Light Session #6 - Buddhist Mysticism – Visions, Epiphanies, Siddhis, Insights and Realization Session #7 - Stepping Up and Stepping Out – Bogdon - Integration and Enhancement Session #8 - Living up to Death

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