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Legacy Giving

Create a lasting legacy by leaving a gift 
in your will or by beneficiary designation.

We hope you’ll consider leaving a gift to the Dzogchen Center & Foundation in your will or trust,
or by beneficiary designation to ensure that the ancient lineage practice of enlightenment, especially
the Dzogchen tradition and 
its transformative benefits, can continue to thrive for future generations.
A gift given from your estate is a final expression of committment.

With a legacy gift, there is no immediate cost to you now. 

Gifts by Bequest:

A bequest will ensure that the Dzogchen Center & Foundation can continue Lama Surya's mission of transmission and the Lamas Lineage Legacy Project, for years to come. With a bequest, just a few sentences in your will or trust, can complete your gift.

Other options: 

  • A general bequest leaves a gift of a determined dollar amount or particular asset.
  • residuary bequest leaves a gift of a percentage of the “rest, residue and remainder” of your estate after other bequests and expenses have been paid.
  • A specific bequest leaves a clearly defined dollar amount or stated fraction of your estate or a clearly identified gift of property.
  • A contingent bequest leaves a declared share of your estate, only if another beneficiary does not survive you.

Connect with us:
Please contact our director Kathleen Albanese ~ kathleen@dzogchen.org ~ with any questions.

If you have already named the Dzogchen Foundation in your legacy giving, please let
us know by filling out this form and emailing it to our director at the above address.

Thank you so very much!

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