We are all Buddhas by nature. We only have to awaken and recognize who and what we are and how we fit perfectly in this world.

My mission is teaching and educating, transmission and transformation: Awakening the mind and opening the heart; preserving and upholding the timeless teachings and practice of Dzogchen, the Natural Great perfection teachings of Tibet, while adapting and making it accessible and practice-able here on our shores in modern times.

We warmly invite you to join with us, heads and hands, hearts and minds, body and spirit, to co-create a peaceful world and secure future.

Join our community! Join this great wave of awakening to the infinite possibilities of nowness-awareness, the authentic Buddha within.

With love,
Surya Das

We only have to awaken and recognize who we are and how we fit perfectly in this world.

This is the teaching of the Innate Great Perfection – Dzogchen.

Introducing us to Dzogchen is the life’s work of Lama Surya Das

What Dzogchen Is

  • It is an outlook, a PERSPECTIVE.
  • It is simple, effortless, PROFOUND, RELAXING, and IT is right here right now.
  • It is empty, open, NATURAL and luminous, the TRUE NATURE OF OUR SPIRITUAL mind.
  • It is accessible through moment-to-moment MINDFUL AWARENESS.
  • Dzogchen is the Natural Great Perfection.
  • Dzogchen is the ultimate teaching of Tibet.
  • Dzogchen brings out our intrinsic OPENNESS, ACCEPTANCE and EQUANIMITY.
  • The spirit of Dzogchen is joyful and light as well as being a wise outlook and vast perspective.

What Dzogchen Isn’t

  • An attempt at controlling the mind.
  • Just ordinary relaxation, clearing away thoughts, or concentration-meditation.
  • Based in ritual or dogmatic beliefs.
  • A practice that requires “converting” to anything.
  • In contradiction with any existing religion or practice.
  • Object-based focused meditation such as counting breaths, candle-watching or using imagery or sound.
  • A Buddhist practice – Dzogchen is a universal practice that pre-dates Buddhism in Tibet.

The hardest thing about Dzogchen is how to pronounce it (zok-chen).


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