“Deepening Your Meditation: Personal Tips, Pointers, and Pith Instructions from the Dzogchen Great Perfection Tradition of Tibet”

Join bestselling author, meditation master, and spiritual activist Lama Surya Das for a deeper exploration of your contemplative practice. This 8 session virtual journey is focused on deepening your meditation practice and furthering self-knowledge and wise discernment.

Lama Surya Das is one of the most highly regarded meditation masters in the West, and an authorized and empowered teacher in the ancient Dzogchen Tibetan Meditation Tradition and the NonSectarian Practicing Lineage. Lama has spent over twenty years in retreat, studying with many of the most profound and honored Tibetan masters of his time. He is the author of 16 books– including the international bestseller Awakening the Buddha Within— and has an extensive corpus of teaching and practices, experience and realization from which he draws. The material covered in each master class comes directly from decades of teaching experience leading retreats and workshops. He is known for his innovative adaptations of these invaluable wisdom teachings and making them accessible and applicable to daily life. The master classes are open to new and seasoned practitioners in any spiritual tradition.

“When I become clearer, everything is clearer.”
~ Lama Surya Das, the American Lama


Recordings from this course will be available for purchase soon.


The course consists of 8 individual 2-hour classes. Each class has an introduction, guided meditation, teaching, Q & A, and concluding remarks.

  • The Essence of Awakening: Dzogchen View, Meditation, and Action
    The first class is an overview of the practical training of Dzogchen, exploring the view, meditation, and action. The ground of our being is the view, the way of stabilizing the view and making it an unbroken experience is meditation, and integrating the view into our entire reality, and life, is what is meant by action. By exploring the view, meditation, and action, the first-class brings us closer to understanding the beauty of the Natural Great Perfection – Dzogchen, a direct portal to our highest angels, our best Self, our innate Buddha-nature.
  •  “Deepening Your Meditation”
    The second class spurs a jump into deepening your meditation. One of the most helpful ways to learn to meditate or to deepen an existing practice is through pith instructions. Pith instructions are the most essential and practical instructions. Transmitted orally, they provide direct insight into the heart of meditation.  In this class, Lama Surya Das will introduce the pith instructions of the Dzogchen lineage, as passed to him by his teachers from the Whispered Oral Lineage of the meditation masters and Himalayan cave yogis.
  • Secrets of Tibetan Mindfulness”
    The third class explores the popular practice of mindfulness but from a Dzogchen perspective. Mind training and contemplative practices of all kinds have been demonstrated as practical and powerful allies conducive to mental and physical health, emotional and relational health, and spiritual health and nourishment.  In this class, Lama Surya Das will explore the six kinds of mindfulness to help us further explore contemplative practice and to bring depth and breadth to basic awareness cultivations such as mindful breathing, walking meditation, mantra chanting, and centering prayer.
  • In Dialogue with Dr. Roger Walsh”
    In this class, Lama Surya Das will explore topics in the context of awakening with  Dr. Roger Walsh, a leading researcher and professor of psychiatry, philosophy, anthropology, and religious studies at the University of California at Irvine. What does it mean to live wisely, and what does it take? How can we cultivate love and wisdom, kindness, and compassion? What is meant by enlightenment and liberation? What role do practices like psychotherapy, meditation, contemplation play on the spiritual journey. How do we address social problems, anxieties, and disruption with a fresh mind?
  • Transforming Hindrances and Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones”
    The fifth class explores how we turn difficulties and obstacles into the path of awakening. From a spiritual perspective, hardships, obstacles, and challenges in life are food for growth. It is said that you cannot make progress on the spiritual path without them. In this class, Lama Surya Das will introduce philosophies and practical methods to transform hardship into liberating wakefulness.
  •  “Healing Mantras, Chanting, and Shakti Power (Inner Divinity)”
    In the sixth class, we will explore how to use and meditate with mantras, chanting, and shakti (inner divinity). In chant, the power of sound connects us with ourselves, one another, and the divine. It is an ancient, tried, and true form of meditation and prayer. One of the most transformative and nonsectarian spiritual practices, chanting almost immediately takes us out of our heads and beyond the mind, into realms of pure spirit and bliss. It helps us discover the spiritual breath and cosmic energy inside the physical breath. Monks and nuns, shamans, yogis, dervishes, chant masters, pilgrims, cantors, singers, and musicians have long known this universal secret.  In this class, Lama Surya Das will lead us into the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of chanting, using Sanskrit mantras, as well as some of his favorite American mantras and chants too, while providing direct access to meditative states and higher realms of subtle spiritual experience.
  •  “Gurus & Disciples, Teachers & Students: Co-creating Your Authentic Path”
    The student-teacher relationship is a remarkable and meaningful aspect of awakening. In a traditional sense, the student-teacher relationship as expressed as the guru-disciple is recognized as the root of all good qualities on the spiritual path. In contemporary times, this relationship is fraught with challenges.  In this class, Lama Surya Das will explore the true nature of the relationship and how finding a suitable and qualified teacher can aid in your authentic journey.
  • “Dancing with Life: The Joy of Meditation and Contemplative Sweetness”
    Our home place can be a sacred environment to practice.  This last class will explore setting up our own at-home personal retreat, the mindset we take, and the setting we establish to wake up to the buoyancy, clarity, wakefulness, and delight of meditative awareness in our daily lives amidst our familiar surroundings.