Tuning In To BuddhaVision: One with OurSelves”

Join one of the most highly respected meditation masters in the West for his second Master Class course and experience a deeper exploration of your
contemplative practice. This 8 session live virtual journey is focused on strengthening your meditation practice and furthering self-knowledge and wise discernment.

Lama Surya Das is an authorized and empowered teacher in the ancient Dzogchen Tibetan Meditation Tradition and the NonSectarian Practicing Lineage.
Lama has spent over twenty years in retreat, studying with many of the most profound and honored Tibetan masters of his time. He is the author of 16 books–
including the international bestseller
Awakening the Buddha Within, and has an extensive collection of teaching and practices, experience, and realization from
which he draws. The material covered in each master class comes directly from decades of teaching experience leading meditation retreats and workshops.
Lama’s signature is his innovative adaptations of these invaluable wisdom teachings, making them accessible and applicable to daily living.

The Master Classes are open to new and seasoned practitioners in any spiritual tradition.

Breathe, relax and smile.
Meditate as fast as you can.
Cultivate wisdom and contentment.
~ Lama Surya Das



Details and Classes
Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EDT (Eastern Time)
Location: Zoom (link will be sent before each class)
The course consists of 8 individual 2-hour classes.
————Each class has an introduction, guided meditation, teaching, Q & A, and concluding remarks.


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  • September 18, 2021- Five Precious Endowments: Embodying the Innate Great Perfection
    The  Five Endowments shine the light for us – helping us to recognize five assets right here, right now in the hologram of natural completeness. We are all Buddhas by nature, we only need to awaken and recognize that fact. This is the right time, this is the right place, with the perfect teachings now, pointed out by the right teacher.  And guess what?!  We are the right students!  How can this be?  Let’s look together into this often-overlooked Vajrayana teaching, and See.
  • October 16, 2021- Three Vital Points:  Striking to the Heart of the Matter
    The Essence, the precious, essential pith-instruction – passed down from Buddha’s time to the laughing diamond master, Garab Dorje, and commented on by Patrul Rinpoche, the enlightened vagabond. The Essence of our Dzogchen practice – the Three Vital Points  — recognizing the View, stabilizing Awareness, and applying it through Action.  Abide in the true heartland; no need to look anywhere else.
  • November 6, 2021- Soaring and Swooping:  The Two Truths of the Great Middle Way
    Guru Rinpoche said, ‘Though my View is as vast as the sky, my conduct regarding karmic cause-and-effect is as fine as barley flour.’  Wisdom and compassion are the two wings that allow our spirits to soar.  Perceiving our profound interconnectedness inspires wise compassionate activity for the boundless benefit of one and all.  In exploring the reciprocity of wisdom and compassion, together we develop character and insightful understanding, deepening our integrated practice and aspiring sacred selves.
  • December 11, 2021- Paramitas: Six, Ten and Beyond 
    Transcendental, transformative virtues of the Bodhisattva, written by PeaceMaster Shantideva long ago elucidated the practices of the awakened spiritual warrior.  Each applied practice of generosity, self-discipline, patience, perseverance, mindful awareness and wisdom is and can be a way ‘in’ to the authentic awakened mind, including the outer, inner and secret levels of behavior, intention-attitude, and mind-states.  How do we discover these transformative practices, these transcendental virtues? Practice is perfect.  True spirituality doesn’t take us away from the world. It connects us even more deeply.
  • January 22, 2022- LamaTales: My Dzogchen Masters and Meditation Teachers
    Wisdom and devotion are foundational aspects of our non-sectarian Practice Lineage.  Tales of how my teachers helped me on the Path, in teaching, transmission and transformation. Storytelling for your edification, recalling meeting my meditation Teachers and Lamas in India and the Himalayas, who since the early Seventies,  have pointed the Way through their boundless lovingkindness, generosity, sacred knowledge and blessings.  Don’t chase around your LamaTale. If I can do it, you can do it.
  • February 19, 2022- ‘More’ Pith Instructions:  Words of Wisdom for Daily Recollections
    Boiled down tips and pointers or Vajra shortcuts, from which a whole Dzogchen teaching and practice can be unfolded. Oral pith-instructions are personal, designed to fit well,  not just generic, one-size-fits-all scriptural teachings—thus informing our deepest knowing. As we recognize and resonate with a pith instruction, we carry it as a koan to ponder, explore, study, seeing how it works in the world and enrich our practice. Travel light and you shall soon arrive.
  • March 12, 2022- Tibetan Dream Yoga: Awakefulness Beyond the Daydream
    Where does ‘the dream’ begin and end?  Can we work with the dream while we’re dreaming?  Can we awaken within the dream?  How to see through, transcend the dream, engage the practice of lucid dreaming, and expand our worldView, our weltenschaung?  Like a dream, a fantasy, a sitcom!  Let’s explore dream yoga together, recognizing the Bardo (transition, passageway) with trekchod practices for ‘being through’ and ‘seeing through’ while living the dream.

  • April 9, 2022- Spiritual Alignment, Centering: Finding Your Balance in an Off-kilter World
    How to keep our balance, flexibility, openness, and resilience in an off-kilter world?  Balance is not about being ‘locked in’ to position, or finding a comfort zone and staying in it, like a new and cozy rut. Our flow is dynamic responsiveness and loving-awareness,  like the great Tao, like Kuntuzangpo (All-Good), … ever in the zone, assuming our Buddha-seat, making our stand in the groundless ground. Cultivating harmony and alignment, inner silence and serenity even midst the world’s cacophony. Life is too important to take too seriously. Together, let’s lighten and enlighten up!