Programs & Retreats in 2021

Sunday Meditation Town Hall

~Every week at 11 AM EDT~

Lama Surya will lead us in meditation and prayers and offer a short teaching at the Meditation Town Hall. This event is open to all and free of charge. Donations to support Dzogchen Center are gratefully accepted.

By opening our heart-minds to the precious meditation and Dharma instructions of our beloved Dzogchen tradition, we strengthen our bodhisattva resolve, and create the space to respond with clarity and compassion to today’s greatest challenges, for the benefit of one and all.

Please visit our Meditation Town Hall page.

Master Class Course with Lama Surya Das

“Deepening Your Meditation: Personal Tips, Pointers, and Pith Instructions from the Dzogchen Great Perfection Tradition of Tibet”  

See Master Class page for more information

Ask the Lama

Ask your most pressing spiritual and practice questions in our series of question and answer sessions with Lama Surya Das.

Details can be found here.

Live Virtual Retreats

In March 2020, the Center was forced to moved it’s traditional retreat programming online in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have found the live virtual container to be an excellent environment for authentic transmission. But don’t take our word for it.  Check out the testimonials from people that have taken a live virtual retreat. Learn more about our live virtual retreats.

Advanced Retreat, October 22-24, 2021

Online Live Virtual Retreat

Deepen your practice with Lama Surya Das at our live virtual Advanced Meditation Retreat.

As Lama Surya reminds us, we are all Buddhas by nature–we only have to recognize and awaken to our innate wisdom and compassion. This is the rare and precious teaching of The Great Perfection–Dzogchen.

We invite you to join lineage holder, and bestselling author Lama Surya Das for  a retreat intensive covering advanced Dzogchen teachings and pith instructions. This is a wonderful opportunity for experienced practitioners to engage in deep retreat and advanced practice with a master teacher. Please review our prerequisites to ensure you have met all requirements. Current membership is mandatory.

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