Spring Awakening Retreat, March 22-29, 2020. Serra Retreat Center, Malibu, CA

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Retreat is a rare and precious opportunity to immerse oneself in spiritual exploration and discovery, especially amidst the challenges of peace we encounter in our world and in our mind.  These timeless teachings come to us from the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom tradition of Dzogchen and have been passed down in an unbroken lineage for over 14 centuries. Experiential instructions nakedly reveal the innate freedom of being, allowing us to bask in the radiant, spacious expanse of Awareness, fully present in every moment, through every circumstance.  

We invite you to join Dzogchen lineage holder, best-selling author and spiritual activist Lama Surya Das, for a week of awakening at Serra Retreat Center in Malibu, CA. This is a joyful opportunity to unfurl your heart and mind, supported by the beautiful natural elements of sky, mountains and ocean, as well as precious Dzogchen pith instructions. All levels of meditators are welcome!

Lama Surya is a pioneer of Buddhism in the West and has dedicated his life to the transmission of Dzogchen.  He has offered meditation retreats for over 30 years in a unique and directly accessible way. Lama Surya teachings will include ample time for Q & A. The retreat schedule includes guided and silent meditations, outdoor sky-gazing meditation, dharma talks, heart-opening chanting and uplifting Tibetan Energy Yoga each morning.

Outside of the main teaching hall, the precious gift of Noble Silence is observed, allowing us a tranquil container to explore the mind and deepen our experience to its fullest. In addition to formal sessions, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views over Malibu and the Pacific Ocean.

Summer Retreat, July 19 – 26, 2020. Eastover Retreat Center, Lenox, MA

We are all Buddhas by nature–we only have to awaken and recognize who we are and how we fit perfectly in this world. This is the teaching of the innate Great Perfection–Dzogchen. Introducing us to this natural wisdom and compassion is the life-work of Dzogchen Lineage Holder Lama Surya Das.

We invite you to join us for our annual Summer Dzogchen Meditation Retreat at the beautiful Eastover Estate and Retreat Center in Lenox, MA as we awaken to the joy of naturally-arising timeless awareness and discover the View, Meditation and Action of the Great Perfection: timeless and inspiring heart-essence instructions passed down in this contemplative tradition for many centuries.

Throughout the week Lama Surya will teach, guide meditation, and offer lively Q&A sessions. In addition to guided and silent meditations, dharma talks, heart-opening chanting, and private interviews, this retreat will also feature optional and uplifting Tibetan Energy Yoga each morning. Outside of the teaching hall, the precious gift of Noble Silence is observed, allowing us the peace and spaciousness to explore the mind, as well as to rest and retreat from the busyness of everyday life and chatter.

Advanced Retreat, October 25-30, 2020. Garrison Institute

Deepen your practice with Lama Surya Das at our Advanced Meditation Retreat held at the beautiful Garrison Institute, situated along the Hudson River in scenic Garrison, NY.

As Lama Surya reminds us, we are all Buddhas by nature–we only have to recognize and awaken to our innate wisdom and compassion. This is the rare and precious teaching of The Great Perfection–Dzogchen.

We invite you to join lineage holder, and bestselling author Lama Surya Das for  a retreat intensive covering advanced Dzogchen teachings and pith instructions. This is a wonderful opportunity for experienced practitioners to engage in deep retreat and advanced practice with a master teacher. Please review our prerequisites to ensure you have met all requirements. Current membership is mandatory.