Retreat Recordings

Lama Surya Das gives detailed oral pith instruction on the view and practice of meditation on retreat. All Dzogchen retreats are recorded.  You must have attended the retreat in order to have access to it. Please contact us for more information.

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation 1

Guided Meditation 2

Meditation for Sleep Performance

Natural Meditation

Ah Meditation

Clear Light Meditation

Dzogchen View and Practice

Episode 1: Dzogchen — The Natural Great Perfection

Episode 2. The three practices of Dzogchen meditation

Episode 3. Skygazing and the inherent freedom of being

Episode 4. The 10 obstacles to meditation

Episode 5. Trekchod – Seeing through and being through

Episode 6. Buddhist ethics and the Dzogchen View – Relative vs. absolute truth

Episode 7. Three big questions, and some answers

Episode 8. Skygazing and pure presence – The eyes, the mind, and the being

Episode 9. Balancing wisdom and compassion – Maintaining the Dzogchen View

Episode 10. The magic mirror of mind

Episode 11. Four pith instructions of Dzogchen practice

Episode 12. Dzogchen and the question of identity – Who’s on first?

Episode 13. Buddhism without meditation – Self-liberated, innate perfection

Episode 15. Awakening Happens: Startling Yourself into a New Way of Seeing and Being

Episode-16. Dzogchen 101 – The five great perfections

Episode 17. Bursting the bubble of self – Cultivating the awareness that fixates nowhere

Episode 18. Questions and Answers about Anger, Frustration, Emptiness, and Pure Presence

Episode 19. Integrating Dharma into Daily Life

Episode 20. Maximizing your experience – the three pillars of Dzogchen practice

Episode 21. The three vital points of natural meditation