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Master Class Course II with Lama Surya Das “Tuning In To BuddhaVision: One with OurSelves” Sessions #1 thru #8 RECORDINGS

  • 02 Dec 2023
  • Zoom


  • Eight Live Sessions and Recordings


Tuning In To BuddhaVision: One with OurSelves”

Join one of the most highly respected meditation masters in the West for his second Master Class course and experience a deeper exploration of your contemplative practice. This 8 session live virtual journey is focused on strengthening your meditation practice and furthering self-knowledge and wise discernment.

The master classes are open to new and seasoned practitioners in any spiritual tradition.

Format: This second Master Class course consists of 8 individual, 2-hour classes. Each class has an introduction, guided meditation, teaching, questions and answers, and concluding remarks

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  • Session #1 - Five Precious Endowments: Embodying the Innate Great Perfection 
  • Session #2 - Three Vital Points:  Striking to the Heart of the Matter
  • Session #3 - Soaring and Swooping:  The Two Truths of the Great Middle Way
  • Session #4 - Paramitas: Six, Ten and Beyond 
  • Session #5 - LamaTales: My Dzogchen Masters and Meditation Teachers
  • Session #6 - More’ Pith Instructions:  Words of Wisdom for Daily Recollections
  • Session #7 - Tibetan Dream Yoga: Awakefulness Beyond the Daydream
  • Session #8  - Spiritual Alignment, Centering:  Finding Your Balance in an Off-kilter World

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