Letter from Lama Surya Das

Welcome to our Dzogchen Center website and our community of spiritual practitioners and friends dedicated to a wiser, more peaceful and beautiful world for one and all. We are Buddhists who meditate, chant, pray, practice self-inquiry and yoga. We strive mindfully to enact a wise and loving way of being and doing, serene within, yet actively engaged in this turbulent world. This is the altruistic Bodhisattva way of wisdom and compassion.

We are all Buddhas by nature. We only have to awaken and recognize who and what we are and how we fit perfectly in this world.

My mission is teaching and educating, transmission and transformation: Awakening the mind and opening the heart; preserving and upholding the timeless teachings and practice of Dzogchen, the Natural Great perfection teachings of Tibet, while adapting and making it accessible and practice-able here on our shores in modern times.

We warmly invite you to join with us, heads and hands, hearts and minds, body and spirit, to co-create a peaceful world and secure future.

Join our community! Join this great wave of awakening to the infinite possibilities of nowness-awareness, the authentic Buddha within.

With love,
Surya Das