Maintaining Connection During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our treasured Dzogchen wisdom tradition teaches that we are profoundly, inseparably interconnected–with all the challenges and joys that entails. This is more apparent than ever in the current global pandemic, where we are collectively called to care for each other by physically isolating. During this time we are deeply aware of our need for community, and for connecting to that which is larger and longer-lasting than our current crisis. Remember the Buddha’s teaching: This too shall pass.

Live Virtual Programs with Lama Surya Das

There are several channels to connect with Lama Surya Das online.

Meditation Town Hall Every Sunday at 11:00 AM Eastern (Meditation Town Hall link)

Master Class: Deepening Your Meditation. Personal Tips, Pointers, and Pith Instructions from the Dzogchen Great Perfection Tradition of Tibet. Starting September 12, 2020 and ending in April, 2021.  Link to program.

Live Virtual Retreats are a powerful opportunity to work closely and directly with Lama Surya Das in the live virtual container. Intended for mature practitioners, advanced retreats explore deeply the view and practice of Dzogchen meditation. Live virtual retreats.

Past Events