Center Response

This message is offered in the caring spirit of openness, integrity, and loving-kindness.

A recent article described anonymous allegations of inappropriate behavior by Lama Surya Das dating back to sometime between 2001-2008.  An investigation conducted by an independent attorney in 2008 found no basis for the Board of the Dzogchen Center to take further action.

When the Dzogchen Center was again presented with these same anonymous allegations last year, the Dzogchen Center Board of Directors asked the person articulating them to urge the individuals making them to communicate directly with the Board so it could hear their allegations first-hand and determine appropriate action. However, the Dzogchen Center has never been contacted by a single one of these individuals.

The Dzogchen Center policies prohibit intimate contact between teachers and participants even if undertaken with consent, awareness and positive intentions.

It the Dzogchen Center’s deepest commitment to ensure that all members of our diverse and inclusive community, as well as those who simply join with us in group meditation retreats, experience wisdom and compassion, peace and harmony, safety and acceptance, and ultimate awakening.

May all beings be peaceful, happy and well.