Reflections on the Time
~ Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche
March 15, 2020

“Love humanity. Stay in meditation,
Open your heart and shut your mouth.
Keep your hands on your lap or in your pockets,
and bow when you meet someone.
If you hear fears of death and fears of sickness,
reflect upon the four rivers of life.
If not this sickness or death by this pandemic,
death is anyways sure to come –
Mostly preceded by illness.
What are we doing to prepare for that?
Are you ready?
If not, what can you do to ready yourself?
Have you made up with all those
whom you have conflict and disputes with?
Have you cleaned out all the crust in your heart?
Have you expanded your love to the
world and people, animals around you?
Have you increased compassion and kindness?
Have you said, “I love you,” to your loved ones,
instead of assuming that they know?
Have you tidied up all your loose ends?
Have you become like a bird,
ready to soar out from the sheltering bolder?

If not, think of this time as an opportunity to
prepare both now and for the long run.
Humanity will survive, even if one does not.
Birds will sing, frogs will croak
with summer around the corner.
Flowers will bloom. Bees will mate.

Let not this natural beauty of the coming season
be passed overunder the shadow of COVID-19.”