“Natural things, such as sitting, walking,
and breathing, are the starting point of
developing mindfulness through the
practice of meditation. We have to start
small, in an ordinary, simple way. In that
sense, meditating is like collecting vegetables
from your backyard rather than going to
the supermarket to buy them. We just walk
out into the garden and collect fresh
vegetables and cook them. That is an
analogy for the direct, personal, and
immediate quality of meditation. It
involves simplifying our basic psychology
and our basic problems. Simplifying in this
case means having no expectations about
what you will gain by meditating. You just
begin. It might be best to think of developing
mindfulness through meditation as a way of
life rather than as a one-shot deal.”

~ Chögyam Trungpa

(image:by Olena Samoilyk)