Dzogchen Center Advanced Meditation Retreat
November 3-8, 2019

Greetings and happy fall! We wanted to personally invite you to attend our most intensive meditation retreat of the year, covering advanced Dzogchen teachings and pith instructions. This is a wonderful opportunity for our more experienced practitioners to engage in deep retreat and advanced practice with Lama Surya Das.

Registration is available online for those with current memberships (a requirement.) Please log into your account at  Once logged in, the registration button can be found at the bottom left of the page.

If your membership has not been established or renewed, please take care of this by logging into your account at  Membership can be at any level. Once this has been completed, contact Kathleen Albanese at for the direct registration link.

For additional questions or assistance contact Kathleen or call the retreat office at (781) 316-0113.

Please note that space is limited, and reservations are placed in line according to the date on which your initial payment is received.

We hope you will join us for this profound and precious experience with Lama Surya Das!

Warm regards,

The Dzogchen Center and Foundation